We are happy to announce that our store is open for business. Parker West Comics & Toys is a division of Parker West LLC which also includes Parker West Books and Parker West Games.  You can find out more at

Our business is focused on creating, collecting, and selling products that bring fun and joy to everyone. Whether you are a kid or a kid that never wanted to grow up, our store is for you. We know there are a lot of online retailers that sell comics, toys, and games, but we are different. Our focus is on the personal experience we provide to shoppers and we hope to build a community of geeks, just like us, who love books, comics, toys, and games. 

To celebrate the launch of the store we are giving all new customers 15% off of their entire first order.  To get this discount use this code at checkout:


In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to add new items to our collection. So, if you don't see anything that interests you, keep checking back, or better yet subscribe to our Inside the Toy Box Newsletter.  In this weekly newsletter, we'll inform you about new products and promotions.  We'll also include an exclusive promo code in the newsletter for subscribers.  Don't worry we won't spam you, because we love you.

We hope you enjoy our store and if you have any questions, please let us know.